Thursday, August 25, 2016


Hi everyone! My name is Lejla Mecavica and I'm a student at Ivy Tech majoring in Interior Design, welcome to my blog! I'm twenty years old but I'll be twenty one in December. If you're into zodiac signs I'm something between a Sagittarius and a Capricorn because my birthday is between the shift. My parent's are both from Bosnia but I was born in Germany and we moved here after my birth, I do still go back to Bosnia on vacations but it's only for two months every other year. I haven't been back to Germany since I was born but I still have family all over the world. I'm a beekeeper on my spare time with my father, I spent the whole summer taking care of those honeybees. I have four huge boxes of them and they sure make a lot of honey! I'll post a few photos of them on here in the future!
The reason why I want to become a interior designer is basically because I've always been really gifted with style and being able to design my own rooms by adding tons of personality to the environment around me. I've always been into playing sims for that reason (I still play it to this day) I love being able to create the house from scratch and designing the interior has always been my favorite part!
Here's a photo of me!

I don't have a favorite interior designer but I have a favorite type of design which is boho chic and that's what style inspires me the most as a laid back creative type! Here's a website that has the styles thats pleasing to my eyes

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